Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Las Di Sa Boon Dok

I promised Parker that I would take him to Oh My Gulay and so I did. We first met up with Lyve in SM because we had to leave our things there since we already checked out of the hotel.

Jacky joined us after an hour because she came from Dagupan. Jetley arived at aound 4PM. Ay grabe laugh trip nang magsama sama kaming lahat.

The lesbos... I mean ladies of my life.

We ordered about half of what was available on the menu but we paid only 1000+. I can't remember exactly how much. Parker said he loves their salad. Oh My Gulay is where Jacky and I used to hang out for hours back in college. It's a good thing that the place has never changed. 

Though mas konti na ang servings nila ngayon I must admit. Dati good for two ang food nila. Ngayon eh good for one nalang pero pareho parin ang presyo and I don't like their deserts. All of their deserts are variations of crepes but the problem is the crepes are too thick and nalalasahan ang harina.

For dinner, the three of us ate at Joey Pepperoni as suggested by Jacky. Masarap din ah though medyo bland ang pasta nila. 

Ayan nanaman sila. Lyve looks kinda... dead... here. Or sleepy. Maybe sleepy.

At around 8:00 umalis na kami nila Lyve para pumunta ng bus terminal. Si Jacky nagpaiwan na sa SM kasi imi-meet pa niya yung ibang friends niya. 

Nung nasa bus terminal na kami, dumating naman itong friend namin na si AJ. Ayan nakilala na ni Parker ang mga friends ko sa Baguio. 

Finally after how many months, he's finally met Darnell, Lyve, Jacky, Jet, and Ajang. The people who mean so much to me.

Nung paalis na yung bus, yumakap si Lyve sa akin. She didn't have to say anything. Her hug alone said so much already.

"Now do you know why I'm home sick most of the time? Now you know why I miss my friends so much and why I talk about them a lot.", sabi ko habang nasa bus kami.

Ngumiti si Parker at hinawakan ang kamay ko.

I don't think he's ever seen me laugh so hard. That vacation no matter how quick it was, Parker got to meet some of the most important people in my life. He heard stories of my life back in Baguio before we met. He saw a glimpse of how it was being with my friends.

My house may be here in Manila but my home will always be in Baguio because the people I've left there are not just my friends. They're my family. And now Parker is part of that family and my home is also with him.

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KUMAGCOW said...

Nainggit naman ako sa vacation mo. I've never been to Panagbenga.. maganda siguro ishoot yun. If only I had vacations.... hay!