Friday, December 31, 2010

Out of Narnia...Again... Part Deux

After leaving the house, we went straight to Robinsons Ilocos. On the way there, they were all nagging me to tell them who 'babe' was.

"Whats her name?"

"Where's she from?"

"Does your mom know?"

All of them were berating me with questions.

"Shhh!!! I'll tell you everything in detail when we get to Robinsons."

They finally stopped.

When we got to Robinsons, the moment we entered the mall, they started nagging me again, it was getting a little irritating to be honest. So there we were, walking around the mall when I blurted out,

"Alright here's the deal. I dont have a girlfriend. I have a boyfriend. You guys want ice cream?"

They stopped in their tracks. As in, they literally stopped in their tracks.

"Wehh? Di nga?", asked my Tita.

My cousin just stared at me.

I nodded.

"Are you serious?", asked my tita again.

"Yes! Mukha ba akong nagbibiro?", I answered sarcastically.

"See I told you", said my cousin

"See she told you!...wait...what?!", I exclaimed.

"We were arguing on whether it was a boy or a girl", said my cousin smiling.

I laughed.

"So how does he look like?", asked my cousin

I showed them a picture of Parker. My tita showed the picture to my tito.

"Bago kong pamangkin", she said.

"Talaga? Kaninong anak?", asked my tito.

My cousin and I laughed.

"Siya nga ang BAGO KONG PAMANGKIN. He's a new addition to the family", said my tita then she looked at me.

"Ano?", asked my tito.

"Ay jusko! Boyfriend ni Anton!"

My cousin and I burst out laughing.

"Seryoso? Parang di naman", said my tito.

"Gusto mo picture namin na naghahalikan para maniwala ka?", I asked laughing.

"Meron diyan? Patingin!!!", yelled my cousin.

We all laughed.

Apparently it came as a shock to all of them.

That evening meant a lot to me.

It made me feel happy.

It made me feel accepted.

It made me feel loved.

Now, all of my relatives in my dad's side know about me and they are happy and very supportive. They are actually expecting me to return to Laoag with Parker. They can't wait to meet him. They have asked me hundreds of questions about him and are ecstatic on meeting him.

Like what I said before, its times like this when you realize who your true friends are and how much your family loves you. Again, coming out is not easy but taking the first step out is the only hard part. Once both feet are out, the worst is over.

The fear of rejection is what holds others back from coming out. But would you lie to yourself and others just to make them happy? Shouldn't you find happiness first? Coming out was easier than what I expected and I hope that my story inspires others as well.

Among all of the questions they asked me, isa lang ang hindi ko kinaya na tinanong nila.

"Nag-sex na kayo?", tanong ng tita ko. 

Since naloka ako sa tanong niya...

...naloka din siya sa sagot ko ahihihi. :P

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