Monday, December 16, 2013

Early Christmas Gift: Macbook Pro

Santa came early this year in the form of my sometimes-but-not-always crazy mother.

The last time she bought me a laptop was for my birthday back in 2009. That laptop broke last year and having it repaired would cost an arm and leg. Even the people at HP told me that it would be cheaper to just buy a new laptop.

I was planning on buying a laptop this year but it took me a while to decide what brand. I was choosing between an Asus laptop, the Lenovo Yoga or a Macbook.

Eventually, I wanted a Macbook. It's freaking expensive so I asked my mom if she can buy me one as a gift. The conversation went something like this:

Ma: Why do you want a Macbook?
Me: I need it so I can work even when I'm away from my computer.
Ma: No. You need a laptop. You want a Macbook.
Me: Uhhh... yeah...

Eventually I managed to convince her to get me one but she wanted me to split the price. I paid for 1/3 of it's price :D

We bought it at Power Mac in SM North Edsa. After playing around with it for 2 days, I understood why people prefer using Mac's. It was confusing at first but once I got the hang of it, I realised it was fairly easy to use. I told my mother that she should get one too. She said she doesn't need one yet.

Thank you for the awesome gift Ma. Love you :3

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