Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hong Kong

So my mom and I went on vacation during the first week of May but since it takes me forever to update my blog, it's only now that I get to post about it.

Since January, my mom and I have been talking about where we'll go for vacation. Initially, she wanted to go on this cruise around several Asian countries. The thing is, the schedule of the trip conflicted with my work schedule because my boss was going to Canada for vacation the same time as the cruise and since one of us has to stay put, I told my mom I can't go.

I convinced my mom to go to Hong Kong instead because there were more things to do there and I missed Disneyland.

She booked a 5-day trip for the first week of May. Our flight was at 7AM at Clark airport. We arrived in Hong Kong at around 9AM.

I just love the Hong Kong International Airport. It's so sosyal. It's leaps and bounds ahead of our own airport.

Of course, I had to have McDonalds here where they serve freshly squeezed orange juice and quarter-pounders that actually feel like a quarter of a pound.

I wish our McDonalds' breakfast servings were like this.

As usual, I made pasyal around the area like I always do when I'm in a foreign land.

I was craving for something sweet when I found this place. They serve a lost of desserts, mostly something that has mango in it.

See. Mangoes. This was heavenly by the way and for 55 HKD, it wasn't bad.

This is the street near the hotel. Funny thing, I usually take pictures of the hotel but when we got to the hotel, I was too tired because I didn't really sleep the night before and I couldn't sleep properly inside the plane. Suffice to say, the room was a mess so I didn't take any pictures.

Just outside the hotel which is beside Times Square.

Obvious naman why I took this pic. The view was nice hihi.

This is their version of street food. I love their siomai.

The Apple Store that has its own building. I swear, this place is massive.

And here, Sogo isn't a seedy motel.

This was the breakfast they served at the hotel. Kinda bland, but the sausages were good.

I think I took this in Mong Kok.

Pretty sure it's Mong Kok.

Yup, now I'm sure I was in Mong Kok.

I don't know the exact name of this place but it's the park in Central and it's where the Filipinos hang out during weekends.

We went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum for the first time.

This is where the Wax Museum is. It's one of those floors.

View from the Sky Terrace. I bet this looks amazing at night.

Si mudra, pumo-pose lang.

When I get hungry at night, I buy from 7/11 which is a block away from the hotel.

And of course, a selfie of me at the Star Pier during my last night in Hong Kong.

It was a fun trip. Last time I was here was April 2010. Hong Kong is my favorite Asian country. I wouldn't mind living here or at least coming back.

I'll post more stuff about the trip soon. Promise.


Anonymous said...

Hey Adam!

Been reading ur blog for a long time na. Nga pala, I saw u sa RITM Malate. And para akong na starstruck nung nakita kita. U were wearing a red shirt ata nun with a beer picture ata or ung word mimso na beer. I wanted to approach u nun pero madami ka kasama na nag smoke kayo sa labas nun.
Anyway, tagal din ng post mo. Buti nag update ka na. Ingat :)

Adam said...

Ako nga yun! I was there kasi volunteer ako sa Love Yourself. Sana nag Hi ka. Friendly naman ako haha. May upcoming updates pa. Naka draft na :D