Monday, June 17, 2013

Disneyland Hong Kong

One of the reasons why I convinced my mom to go to Hong Kong was because I wanted to go to Disneyland again. I swear, if they opened a Disneyland here in the Philippines (hopefully somewhere near like Clark), I would be there 5-6 times a year. 

It is the happiest place on Earth after all.

We got there at at around 11:30 which was perfect because the park just opened and it was a Monday so hindi ganun kadaming tao. Although there were still a lot of people, it's not as crowded as it would be if it were Saturday or Sunday.

We took the train to Disneyland. Mabuti nalang I'm good with directions, it was easy for us to transfer trains from Causeway Bay going to Disneyland.

The beri-beri-kyut tickets.

Me giving Mickey Mouse from Fantasia 2000 realness.

I swear, I something like this in my bedroom. If they sold a snow globe that had this inside, I would have probably bought it.

The beautiful castle. I took this photo for Gregory because he said he wanted a picture of the castle.

Mudra and I had lunch muna.

This is Mudra's favorite ride in Disneyland. In fairness masaya nga naman. You can hear "It's a Small World After All" being sung in different languages including tagalog.

O diba? Nag-enjoy si Mudra.

The parade of Disney characters.

I have no proof but I swear, Tinkerbell was drunk. Either that or she smoked something before getting on the damn thing.

Me on a carousel. Why? Because you are never too old to ride a carousel. That, and because I'm gay.

This was my favorite naman. The Festival of the Lion King.

To be fair, the guy who played Simba was hot and the guy who played Scar was gay. Iba yung palo ng balakang eh.

Yey! Lion King!

Another thing I loved, the Philhar Magic show.

This was something new. Last time we were here, Toy Story Land wasn't built yet.

Nothing groundbreaking. I think it's still being developed.

If I lived in Hong Kong, I'd probably go to Disneyland every month. No joke.

But I heard that the best Disneyland is the one Paris. Totoo ba?

Anyway, it might take a while before I go back to Hong Kong but if I do, of course I'll visit Disneyland again.

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