Monday, June 17, 2013

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

During our HK trip, Mudra and I went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Last time we were here, we weren't able to visit this place. I don't know why. I'm not even sure if this place was open by that time. It was my first time inside a wax museum and the wax figures looked disturbingly real. 

All the pictures are in my Facebook account, I'll just post a few here kasi ayokong mang-flood ng images

Here is Mudra and Ms. D. Friend ata siya ni Mudra or friend ng kapatid ni Mudra. I'm not sure. Masaya siyang kasama in fairness, pictures galore.

Papatalo ba naman ako? Hala, picture din.

The train that took us to the building where the wax museum is located.

Uy in fairness, may ganitong pose si Mudra nung nag Ocean Park Hong Kong kami back in 2010.

Eto yun oh! Ocean Park circa 2010. Parehong damit, ibang shawl lang.

Anyway, mabalik tayo sa 2013. Ayan, naghanap ako ng panda na medyo ka-size ko. Bilugan.

Kung ito man ang itsura ni Nicole Kidman in real life, siya na ang balingkinitan.

Ayun, hindi nagpakabog si Mudra sa wax figure.

Feeling ko medyo luma na tong wax figure na to. If you've watched Interview with the Vampire, you'll know why.

This is probably the closest I am ever gonna get to Meryl Streep.

 Norma Jean! I mean, Marilyn Monroe.

I'm not sure ah but based on the way this figure was made, I think this is Madame Tussaud.

So ayun, enjoy naman. I couldn't get over how life-like some of the statues looked. Some of them looked odd though.

My favorite moment was when Mudra pointed to one of the statues and asked, "Is that Einstein?"

"Ma, that's Shakespeare."

Tapos natawa kaming dalawa.

Yun lang :)

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