Friday, March 2, 2012

The Women in the Family

A few days ago, we had our family reunion on my mom's side. While at the reunion, my grandma delivered a speech to commemorate my great grandmother. Apparently, my great grandma was really cool and she touched so many lives.

So while giving her speech, something my grandma said struck me.

She said that the women in the family were raised in such a way that they had to be strong. They had to have careers, they had to know how to fend for their families. They would never have to depend on their husbands completely because the moment their husband is gone, they should have means to provide for their children. In the face of pain and sorrow, they would always be strong and seem unscathed.

It was something to that effect.

I realized that my mom was the same. She and her sisters were raised the same way. My mom, for some reason, taught me the same thing. Never depend on anyone else and always be strong. When I go to my mom for advice, she would always tell me, "what does not destroy you makes you stronger".

It was at that moment I realized how strong the women in my mom's family were. I also realized the difference with my dad's family.

My dad's family you see, the women are supposed to stay home and take care of the children. Do the cooking and cleaning and making sure the house is in tip top shape when the man arrives from a long day at work. They have to follow what their husbands tell them. They should cater to his every need.

I find it ludicrous.

My mom's family is the exact opposite. The women are not submissive. They are strong. They are fighters. They are independent.

Now it makes sense why the women in our family seem so strong.

And I think, that's really awesome.

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