Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In The Moment


I was at home and I had just arrived from work.

My phone started ringing.

"Hey what's up?" I answered.

"Hey! Nothing much. Im on my way to the gym. Are you at home?"


"Dont you have choir practice tonight?"

"We do but it's raining and I dont wanna get wet plus Im not really in the mood to go out"

"Have you had dinner?" he asked.

"Not yet. Im not hungry."

"Alright. Im gonna go work out muna. Talk to you later."

"Alright. Later."

After about 30 minutes, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when I heard someone ringing my doorbell.

I went out to see who it was. It was a guy holding an umbrella.

"Hey it's me!" the man said.

That's when I realized who it was.

It was him. I was surprised. I thought he was at the gym.

I honestly thought he was at the gym.

I opened the gate and I saw that he had  few plastic bags with him.

He bought ice cream, the good kind. Shawarma and a few bags of chips.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were at the gym." I asked.

The answer he gave me was one I will never forget.

"I'm just living in the moment." he answered giving me a smile.

* * * *

We were in bed, watching Tangled and eating the ice cream he brought.

"Hey I have a question. Are you dating anyone else?" he asked.

"No not really. Why?" I asked.

"Well I just want to let you know that Im no longer going to entertain others. I was wondering if you could do the same." 

I fell silent.

"But if you wanna go out on dates, it fine with me. I understand. Just don't kiss or sleep with them.", he added.

"I'm not dating anyone else. Just you. So you want us to date exclusively?"

"Yeah. What about Matt? How come that didn't work out?" he asked.

"He has issues. Issues I dont wanna deal with." I answered.

"Good. Good for me." 

He hugged me really tight. 

"There's something about the way you hug me that makes me feel safe" he whispered.

I hugged him back.

"You smell really good." he suddenly said.

I laughed.

There we were in my bed watching Tangled.

"Now this is a Saturday night." he said.

I smiled, and hugged him.


sin at work said...

yyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! kinikilig akoooo!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :)

grabe!!!! he went pa to your place just to do that? tapos sinurprise ka pa nya, kakatuwa!

it's been ages since i've been like that with someone. haaayyy.

waaaahhh ice cream! shawarma! shet nagutom ako bigla! wahaha :D

Mark Joe said...

your posts are getting sweeter every time..i love it! i hope both of you stay happy..=))

caloy said...

ang sweet! :D

Adam said...

@sin at work: Waaaaahhhh pati ako kinikilig hihihi. Yeah he surprised me at home. Hangshweeett lang.

@MArk Joe: Oo nga eh. Ang daming langgam shet.

@caloy: puro kayo sweet. Makapagsulat nga about sex para spicy naman. char.