Thursday, March 1, 2012


I was working on something that evening.

Earlier I asked Matt if he was coming over but he said he couldn't because he had some projects to finish.

When he can't come over, we would usually talk on the phone or Skype.

That evening, while I was working, he called me on Skype.

Kinukulit niya ako. I was ignoring him because I was busy with something.

"Someone's being grumpy...", he said.

I was silent.


I was still ignoring him because I was focused on what I was doing.

"I'm going away. You is grumpy.", he said then he suddenly hid from the webcam.

"Im not being grumpy. I'm working on something."

He would look into the screen and I'd wave to him tapos magtatago siya ulit.

I sent him an emoticon of a bear giving a hug.

"Me is not grumpy.", I said in a sing-song way.

Sumisilip parin siya pero hindi humaharap ng buo sa webcam.

"Uy... may nagpapalambing...", I suddenly blurted out without even thinking.

Bigla siyang tumayo at umupo sa harap ng laptop niya. Tumingin siya sa akin.

"O sige, hindi na ako magpapalambing", sagot niya and he was looking at me with puppy-dog eyes.

I was stunned.

Usually kasi pag ginaganun ko siya, he doesn't answer.

This time it was different.

He looked at me with those brown eyes of his and smiled.

I smiled back.

He suddenly did this gesture he does pag naglalambing siya.

I sent him another bear-hugging emoticon.


♔ıǝɹɯɐı♔ said...

ayun. nilalanggam ang sweetness nyo teh! :D

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