Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sizzling Pepper Steak Trinoma

Last night, I was at Trinoma with my friend Ellaine. It was around 8:30 when we decided to eat dinner before going home and since I wasn't in the mood for fast food, I asked her if she wanted to try Sizzling Pepper Steak.

Alright so when we got there, my first impression was, "Oh this place looks nice pero mukhang masikip lang".

We asked the waitress standing outside Pepper Steak if they accepted Citibank Mastercard para hindi na kami gumamit ng cash. She said yes.

So we went inside and took our sit in what I might say was a very small table.

Earlier, Ellaine and I were at Comic Alley and she bought a deck of cards from the Card Captor Sakura Anime.

So here's what happened, before we could even order, a waitress came by our table and asked to see the credit card we'll be using. I don't know if that's customary but I have eaten in places much fancier than this and not once have I been asked if they could see the card to be used.

But since we were hungry, we obliged and showed them the card.

They  had this thing on the table and when you flip it over, it means you need help or something. Doesn't work. Seriously.

So there we were going through the menu trying to decide what to have for dinner. They had this thing where you could order something and it comes with frozen yogurt and coke. The menu had specific instructions that if you add 25php, you could upgrade your drinks to bottomless.

When we were ready to order, I called the waitress and here's how it went:

"We'll have the meatballs with marinara sauce and the gravy hamburg something. Pwede i-upgrade yung sa gravy hamburg para--"

"Ay Sir hindi po available yung upgrade para sa yogurt. Plain lang po ang available.", said the waitress cutting me off.

"I was going to say paki upgrade yung drink to bottomless."

The bitch cut me off before I could even finish what I was going to say.

20 minutes later wala pa yung food namin so I called the waiter.

"Kung matagal pa bago i-serve yung food, pwede pakiserve na yung frozen yogurt para yung muna kainin namin habang hinihintay namin yung meal."

"Ok po sir.", he answered.

After a few minutes,a  waitress suddenly came to our table.

"Sir hindi po pala available yung upgrade sa gravy hamburg kaya regular coke po yung iseserve namin sa inyo", sabi niya without even sounding apologetic.

"Bakit hindi pwede? Hindi ba yun yung naka-specify sa menu ninyo?", I asked eyebrow slightly raising.

"Sir kasi wala pa po yung option na yun sa machine namin"

"Then shouldn't you put that in your menu para alam ng mga customer niyo na hindi available yung option na yun?", I spat back eyebrow now 2 inches high.

"Kaya nga po sir pinapaalam ko sa inyo na hindi siya available kaya po regular ang iseserve namin sa inyo", sagot ng bastos na waitress.

Nagulat ako sa sagot niya, pati si Ellaine.

10 minutes later, a waitress came over with two sizzling plates.

"Hold on, dont touch it.", Ellaine said.

"Why?", I asked.

"This is not what I ordered and that's not your order either."

"Oo nga no."

So I called the waitress again and she removed the plates from our table. The plates had meat in them so the oil splattered on our table. The waitress did not even apologize or clean our table.

After several more minutes, I asked three different waiters to serve the damn frozen yogurt because we were already hungry.

Wala parin.

After what felt like a lifetime, our damn food finally came. Here's the annoying part, they served Ellaines food first then they served the food of the table beside us to think we were there first before they finally served mine. I don't know what training these people get but for me that is plainly RUDE.

When I was done eating the veggies on my plate, the meat was still too hot so I really wanted to eat the frozen yogurt while waiting for the meat to cool down. I was pissed at this point already.

I called another waitress.

"Miss I will try my best to say this nicely. You are the fifth person I would be asking, could you please serve the frozen yogurt because my food is still to hot at hinihintay ko siya na lumamig!", I said trying to keep my voice as calm as possible.

"Oh I apologize for that sir. Wait lang po kukunin ko na yung frozen yogurt ninyo", she said.

True enough, after 5 minutes she came with ONE frozen yogurt.

"Bakit isa lang to? Diba dalawa kami?", I asked sarcastically.

"Ay pati rin po ba yung kay Ma'am iseserve narin?", she asked.


When we were done eating, we paid the tab and left. I asked Ellaine if she was insane because she left a tip.

Now, I don't usually write scathing reviews about establishments but this one just hit so many nerves I can't even begin to explain how disappointed I am.

I do not know what training these people have but their service is unbelievably horrible. They did not apologize for mixing up our orders, it took them forever to serve the food, and I did not like the tone their waitress gave me.

I am a paying customer for God's sake. And to think it was my first time there.

Now I am not generalizing all branches of Pepper Steak because other branches might actually have some decent employees but I sure as hell am not going back to this specific branch.

My experience in Pepper Lunch was so much better that it would be an insult to PL to even compare the quality of service I received. Sana naman magkaroon na ng branch ang Pepper Lunch sa Trinoma.

Seriously, never again am I stepping foot in that place.


kysthine said...

ay baks dapat una pa lang tinarayan mo na yan at magwalk out ka..sumigaw ka dun ng mataranta ang manager..grave hah over yan! matatarayan ko yan ng wala sa oras eh! grrrrrrrrrrrr...

Anonymous said...

sana, cnama nyo ko para naupakan na natin yng mga tao dun., hahahaah!

KUMAGCOW said...

Adam, I posted this on the pepper steak FB page and I hope you don't mind, that's how it gets to their owners. It's better to get this addressed because it's almost the same thing that happened to me in their Eastwood branch.

Adam said...

@kumagcow Sure no problem. Really this also happened to you? Hmmmm...

KUMAGCOW said...

Yeap, almost same service. Card troubles. Above and beyond Sweet Strawberry shake that had too much sugar in it I can taste the grains. Plus 2 bowls of Soup all in room temperature... sana tubig na lang nilagay kesa malamig na soup diba? LOL their owner apologized after a few days.

Pepper lunch said...

Good news! Pepper Lunch "Express" is coming to Trinoma in February 2012. Opening in the Food Choices, 2nd floor. This will be the first Express outlet with the same great quality but lower pricing!

Stay updated about the Original:

Reach us:

Pepper Lunch Manila said...

Our opening is near! Pepper Lunch will open end of February! Hope to see you there :-)

Pepper Lunch Philippines said...

Pepper Lunch Express is now open in Trinoma!
Sizzle with the Original from Japan at the 2nd floor food choices. Beef pepper rice for P145 - now how awesome is that!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Well, I recently ate here at Sizzlin' Pepper Steak Trinoma Branch... I had supper.

Guess what? Their Beef Pepper Rice gave me horrible food poisoning. It was a freaking nightmare that I wanted to wake up from. I guess it was the meat. They served me poor quality meat.

I was rushed to the Emergency Room right after I went home from Sizzlin' Pepper Steak in Trinoma. I was vomiting like crazy. I vomited 22 times before being rushed to the Emergency Room. I felt like my insides were being scraped and poked and bruised and my throat was in pain from all the uncontrollable vomiting. It was one THE worst and most painful food experience of my life.

I advise all of you to watch what you eat in this restaurant or to just not eat there at all. I don't want anyone else to endure what I went through with this restaurant from hell.

I AM NEVER EVER COMING BACK! It was a waste of money on garbage food. Plus, I still had to spend additional cash for my trip to the ER.

I also had to stand the embarrassment of uncontrollably vomiting numerous times on the Emergency Room, the side of the hospital, the street (with people looking at me with total disgust), and the cab.

PLEASE, PLEASE. DO NOT EAT THERE ANYMORE. Take this as a warning... Eat at your own risk.