Monday, July 18, 2011

Barbie and Ken

Yesterday while I was at the office I received a text from Ellaine. She said that she was at Trinoma with her bf. She wanted me to join them for dinner and drinks.

I met up with them at KFC Trinoma and that's where had dinner. For drinks, we went to this seafood place. I can't remember the name.

This is actually the second time na nakita ko ang bf ni Ellaine. First was during our office xmas party. So ladies and gays, let me introduce Jet.

If I'm not mistaken, 2 years na sila. Natutuwa ako sa kwento ng dalawang to. At dahil dyan, magkwekwento din ako.

Si Jet kasi, tahimik pag may ibang tao. He barely says anything pero tumatawa naman pag nagbibiruan kami ni Ellaine. Feeling ko nga na-culture shock siya sa akin eh. 

I don''t think Ellaine knows it but she is deeply madly in-love with Jet. Not a day has gone by na hindi ko naririnig ang pangalan ni Jet, or something that reminds her of Jet or something Jet did. Iba din ma-inlove ang lukaret eh no. But for good reason.

I've seen the gestures he's done for her. One time he sent her a bouquet of roses at the office. Eh nung time na yun nagaaway ang dalawa kaya Ellaine was thinking na sa iba nanggaling. It was me who pointed out na si Jet ang nagpadala nun. The card did not have Jet's name on it or anything but it had a series of numbers. 

When I realized what those numbers meant, thats when I started insisting that it was Jet who sent them. The reason I was so sure was because those numbers formed a date. A very important date for the both of them.

O diba? Ganun kami ka-close ni Ellaine. Alam ko ang mga special date nila.

Mahaba din ang pasensya nitong si Jet. Si Ellaine kasi eh parang ako, may sariling topak din paminsan-minsan.

Aside from that, he'd post sweet one-liners on her FB wall or she'd suddenly receive romantic text messages from him. At eto kayo, apparently may sinabi si Jet kay Ellaine na pati ako eh napa 'Oh My God!'

"Kahit magbreak tayo at ilan pa maging boyfriend mo, wala akong pakialam kasi alam ko na ikaw yung papakasalan ko."

Kaloka lang ano?! Ang sweet no?

Ellaine has actually asked me to organize her wedding, whenever she decides to get married. I happily accepted it under two strict conditions.

First, no one gets to touch the wedding except me and her. Ayoko nang pinapakialaman ako. Second, I would only organize the wedding if Jet is the groom. Sabi ko nga sa kanya, she'd be a  princess during her wedding so dapat may prince. Alangan namang mukhang horse ang groom diba? Hindi pwede. Dapat gwapo din ang mapapangasawa ni Ellaine. Jet is the perfect candidate.

Tignan niyo naman.

Eto pa!

I'm 100% sure that they would have the most beautiful kids.

I'm happy for the both of them. They have the type of love that others can only wish for. So now that they're back together, I hope for good na. Ellaine wag mo nang pakawalan. Think of the kids you two will have.

So ladies, fear not for obviously there are still viable, good-looking, romatic, straight men out there.

And to the gays, gwapo si Jet no? Hahaha. Yun lang.

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