Friday, July 29, 2011

Bacolod Trip 1: Getting there

As most of my readers and friends know, I booked a flight to Bacolod a few months ago.

Since ZestAir had this promo thing, I booked a flight with them.

Now, my flight was originally scheduled to leave at 7:55AM but I received a text from ZestAir two days before my flight informing me that my flight has been moved to 2:30PM due to operational blah blah blah. 

Medyo nainis ako because the reason I chose a morning fight was so that I could spend the rest of the day roaming the city. Sayang din yung time no. But sige, hinayaan ko nalang.

So the day finally came, July 24 and it was a Sunday. I spent the night before packing my things and choosing what clothes to bring. All the shit.

At around 11AM, I hauled my lazy ass out of the house to the domestic airport.

When I got there at around 12 noon, I went to the check in counter or whatever the hell you call it. Upon getting there, the woman at the counter informed me that my flight was pushed back. Again. My new schedule would be at 3:20PM.

For 5 seconds I literally lost my poise and blurted out,

"Are you fucking kidding me?!"

The girl looked at me, a bit surprised and said no, she wasn't kidding.

So to pass the grueling hours I had to wait, I decided to get a one hour full body massage at this place called Vibes where the masseurs are blind.

It cost 300php which I guess wasn't that bad considering it was a full body massage for an hour. The people there were very friendly by the way. I felt relaxed afterwards.

So finally, after 3 hours of waiting, we finally started boarding the damn plane. I was seated somewhere at the back. Stupid me, I forgot to ask for a window seat earlier. 

Since it was a 50-minute flight and I kinda have this fear of flying, I just started reading one of my ebooks. When the flight attendants came, I noticed this guy, this cute, tall, chinito guy who looked strikingly familliar but I could not place where I've seen him.

When the captain started speaking and said the names of FA's, that's when I realized who the guy was. He was my schoolmate from way back. He was quite famous in school for his good looks. I had a slight crush on him before. Slight lang, I repeat, slight lang.

When they came out with carts, he saw me and smiled and asked,

"Schoolmate kita nun no?"

"Yup", I answered.

He recognized me. Nakipagkwentuhan siya sa akin ng ilang minuto.

Dahil dyan, napagastos ako sa eroplano at napabili ako ng soda at sandwich. 

Haaay, I'm sure magrereact si Parker pag nabasa niya to hihihi.

It was drizzling when we landed. I immediately fell in love with the weather in Bacolod. It wasn't hot and the wind was refreshing. 

I went to conveyor belt thing that brings out our luggage. When I got my bag, I walked out of the airport and I saw this girl asking people if they needed a van service going to the city.

"How much does it cost to ride the van?", I asked.

"100 sir. What hotel are you staying at?", she answered. Yes, in english.

"L'Fisher Chalet"

"Ok po sir. Just tell the driver and he'll drop you off at the hotel."

So I rode the van going to the city, and true enough, the van dropped me off at the hotel.

(To be continued...)

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Nimmy said...

wow! L'Fisher! Sosyal naman! :)