Thursday, January 27, 2011

Carbonara Recipe

My friends say they like my recipe for Carbonara so today I will share it.

Now I'm not 100% sure about the measurements but these are the one's I use.


Cream of Mushroom       1 can
Evaporated Milk             1/2 cup
Nestle Cream                  1/2 cup
Grated Cheese                1 1/2 cups
Ham (Cubed)                  1 cup  
Garlic (chopped)             2 tbps
Button Mushrooms(sliced) *optional
Bacon Bits *optional

Okay so here we go:

1. In a bowl mix the cream of mushroom, evaporated milk, and nestle cream. Make sure you mix them thoroughly.

2. In a pot, saute the garlic in butter. Do this in medium or low heat so that the garlic does not burn.

3. Pour in the cream of mushroom-milk mixture. Wait for it to heat up.

4. Mix in the ham and wait for the sauce to bubble. If you will be adding button mushrooms, include them in this step. Make sure that the mushrooms are either quartered or thinly sliced.

5. Once you see bubbles on the surface of the sauce, gradually add in the grated cheese. Make sure you stir the sauce so that the cheese melts faster and blends well with the sauce.

6. Mix the sauce until the lumps of cheese are gone. This should take about 3 to 5 minutes.

7. Serve on any type of pasta. I would suggest Fettuccine. If you will be using Penne or Farfalla, add in half a cup of cream and grated cheese to make the sauce creamier becuase those types of pasta are quite big and thick. Don't use Angel Hair, it tastes awfully weird.

8. If using, top with bacon bits. Enjoy. =)

The sauce for my Carbonara recipe is the creamy type. I don't like sauce that's too watery because it looses its taste and it tastes very slippery nor do I want it too dry.

The sauce should taste cheesy with a mix of mushroom so taste the sauce every now and then to make sure that one doesn't overpower the taste of the other.

Comment nalang if you kids have any questions ya?

Bon appetite mes amis!


Anonymous said...

seems delicious, kaya lang cream on cream on cream. is there a version for those who are counting their calorie?

Adam said...

You could use half and half or 0% if u want then just season with salt and a little ground pepper to give it more flavor. Thats what I do when my health conscious friends come over.

Francine Morete said...

nice one!!! i lili lili like carbonara... thanks for sharing your recipe... have a great day!!! =)

KUMAGCOW said...

fave ko pa naman angel hair hehe

mikhaelangel said...

Yummmmmy! na-mimiss ko na poh ang karbonara.. bow! Thanks for sharing. Nagugutom na poh si mikhael bow! heheh.. anyway, please let me insert a link here. It would really help me meet my quota - Coffee Cupping