Monday, January 24, 2011


A few weeks ago, it was sometime in December, Parker was left at the house because I had work. Since my work was at 7AM I had no time to prepare breakfast or lunch and he was still asleep when I left.

He texted me when he woke up so I called up the Jollibee delivery number. 8-700. 

Since I frequently order from Jollibee, they already have my info on their system so I no longer have to go through the trouble of giving my address and stuff.

After 45 minutes, Parker called me up to say that the food wasn't there yet so I called the number again to follow up on the order. They said that it was already being delivered. 

After another 30 minutes Parker said that the food just arrived. When he opened the delivery bags, he said that they didnt follow my order but since he was really hungry, he ate the food.

For the third time I called the Jollibee number at na-awardan ko to the highest level yung kausap ko. Nakakainis naman kasi diba? Lampas isang oras na nga bago nadeliver yung food tapos mali pa dineliver nila.

After a few hours, I received a call from the manager of the Jollibee branch that delivered the food. I expressed my disappointment and dissatisfaction with the service that they gave. Pero I said it nicely kasi kalmado na ako nun.

He said to compensate for it, they will be giving me gift certificates and true enough it was delivered to my door step the next day.

In fairness, I've had those for a few weeks now pero ngayon ko lang ginamit. Parker was hungry so once again I called Jollibee.

In fairness, the delivery was really fast and for the first time, they had the macaroni soup thing. I must say that even though I had one bad experience with their delivery, it doesn't mean I dont like the place anymore.

Siguro naka tag ako na ako dun under 'Irate Customers' kaya mabilis yung delivery hahaha.

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