Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Music of Glee Volume 1

I've had a copy of this album from the day it was first released. I didn't post about it because it was released on a date in which I was unbelievably busy. Anyway here are the list of songs from the album:

The only songs from this album that I like are, "Don't Stop Believing","Take a Bow","No Air","Keep Holding On", and of course "Defying Gravity". Their versions of the songs are not really of my taste in music. One thing I know is that I DO NOT LIKE their cover for "Somebody To Love" which is one of my favorite oldies.

I've known about about Glee since day one and I even posted something about it a few months ago but after watching the first episode, I knew that I wasn't gonna like it. Its a bit of a letdown because I had high expectations for this show. Its like watching High School Musical meets Fame meets Step Up meets Raise Your Voice.

I only started following Glee again when I found out that they were doing a cover for Defying Gravity.

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