Thursday, November 12, 2009

Globe Broadband Tattoo

A few days ago I bought Globe Broadband Tattoo and I didnt blog about it yet because I wanted to test it. Before this I was using SMARTBRO Prepaid which was a worthless piece of crap that disconnects every 7 minutes yet charges me for the whole 30 minutes and was even slower than dial-up. I called the tech support of SmartBro a hundred times asking them to help me get my connection faster but they kept on giving me bullshit answers and one agent, this lockjawed bitch from hell even hanged up on me. I called again and complained about her and the agent that assisted my call was obviously covering up for her saying that the avaya lines are unstable. Does she think that Im stupid??? I was a callcenter agent, the avaya is an IPphone and if their lines were unstable, they wont be able to take in calls immediately. Moving on, this is about Globe Tattoo not Smart Bro which is a worthless piece of crap.

I used the money my uncle gave me to buy Globe Tattoo. Instead of spending on some stupid thing like clothes or food, I decided to buy this.

So far it has been AWESOME. Its really fast no matter what time I use it. I can download albums, even episodes of the TV shows I watch. Check the screenshot below to see how fast it is. Click on the images for a better view.

So far I dont regret buying this thing and on the plus side, it has microSD slot so it doubles as a USB Flash Disk. And when I plug it in, I can use it to txt plus if I load 30php, not only do I get to use that for internet browsing, I also get unlimited txt for 24 hours. Compared to SMARTBRO Prepaid which was a worthless piece of crap, this is waaaaay better. As in gigabytes better.

For those of you planning to buy but cant decide, I would definitely without a doubt recommend the Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid Kit. You seriously get your money's worth.

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