Friday, November 6, 2009

Defying Gravity ala Glee...

Here is the official recording of Kurt and Rachel's version of Defying Gravity from the show Glee. Too bad its only 2 minutes and 22 seconds but its really good. They're blending is fantastic. Lea Michele should be cast as Elphaba even just for one night, lets see if the Gershwin won't run out of seats. Besides, a lot of people say that she looks like Idina Menzel, she'll be able to pull off the physique of Elphaba perfectly. Without further ado, lets listen to Kurt and Rachel as they take a shot at Defying Gravity.

Comment if you think its nice.

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Nicole said...

i agree, Lea should be cast as Elphaba!

I really liked this version of the song, too bad its so short.