Saturday, November 14, 2009

From Ms. Lorna Coral

A few months ago I received this from my Photography teacher, Mr. Art Tibaldo. This was a photograph taken by his friend who is a photographer for National Geographic Channel. Her name is Lorna Coral. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Lorna during one of our classes. She's really nice and we became friends. I was speechless when Sir Art told me that Ms. Lorna had a gift for me. The photograph now hangs on the wall of my room. I was completely moved because among all of Sir Art's students, it was I she remembered. Sometimes we talk on multiply when I catch her online.

Coincidentally, France is my favorite country. And I speak French. LOL. This was a big picture so I asked my mom to have it framed. It's an honor for me to receive a gift from someone such as Ms. Lorna Coral. I hope I could see her again because I promised her that I would Fire Dance for her.

To visit her website and to see her photographs click here

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