Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cupcakes and more by Kayo & Kaye

Around the first week of January, I received a box of cupcakes from one of Gregory's friends. Boyfriend daw niya ang gumawa.

There were 6 cupcakes in a blue box with a piece of ribbon tied around it. Ganda ng presentation, in fairness.

Since my stomach took over, I forgot to take pictures of any of the cupcakes before devouring them. Good thing, they had photos on their Facebook page. So I grabbed photos of the ones that were included in the box.

Red Velvet



Rainbow :)

Here's what the rainbow cupcake looks like once you've bitten into it. It's so gay and soooo good!

They were so pretty that I was afraid to eat them. When I took out the Rainbow cupcake from the box, I stared at it for 10 minutes because it was so pretty.

They all tasted heavenly by the way. The cream cheese frosting was to die for and the cupcakes were moist even after I refrigerated them.

The Rainbow and Red Velvet were my favorite.

Ask any of my friends, I'm not very fond of sweets but these cupcakes, I absolutely loved.

I highly recommend them.

If you wanna see more pictures and the other delicious flavors they have, you can check their Facebook page, Cupcakes and more by Kayo and Kaye.

Price varies depending on what flavor you get but for a box of 6, I think it ranges from Php 270-300. Not bad, it's pretty cheap considering these damn things taste really good.

For inquiries regarding prices and delivery charges, message them on Facebook or text them at 09175226017.

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