Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sumo Sam Trinoma

It was Saturday night. It was our Date night. Dinner and a Movie.

Me and Gregory were walking around Trinoma looking for a place to eat. He asked me what I was in the mood for.

"I don't know" I answered.

We walked around until he asked me if I've ever eaten at Sumo Sam.

I said no.

He smiled and said that we should have dinner there.

The place was kinnda packed. Understandable since it was a Saturday night.

The waiter gave us the menu and here's what we ordered.

Rainbow sushi. I had the tamago, the crabstick and the shrip. He had the one's with raw fish. Im not a big fan of those.

California Maki Salad. This salad was REALLY good. I love the dressing they used. And this was good for two. If I had this to myself, I would be full already.

Salmon. I forgot the name of this thing on the menu. I dont really eat fish so I can't pass judgement. Gregory said the fish was really good daw.

I do not remember the name of this dish but its chicken with cheese and carrots in the middle. The meat melts in your mouth. Very delicious.

This place is a bit pricey, almost on the same level as Mr Jones but the food is exquisite.

After dinner, I went out to smoke and since there were tables there, Gregory asked for tea which he drank while I smoked.

After that, we walked around a bit until it was time for the movie.

We were gonna watch The Avengers.

Good movie, good food, and as they say, the rest is history. :)


Anonymous said...

greg likes his fish alright.

salmon looks scrumptious.

Adam said...

Yeah. He likes fish. So whenever we eat out, there's always a meat and a fish dish. :)

wandering emo said...


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Thank you. Ingat palage :)