Thursday, May 17, 2012


Since I always wanna make a statement, I had some shirts made based on some designs I thought off. Its a good thing that I found this place that prints shirts for a good price. Since I had multiple shirts made, they kinnda gave me a discount on them. The price I was able to save was equivalent to one shirt. Pwede na diba?

My favorite is the first one. The blue doesn't really go well with me though. I become darker when I wear it pero kiber. I like it eh.

I love the fabric of the shirt. It's made of cotton but not too soft so less chances of the shirt getting ruined. With the quality of the print, so far so good. I've tried washing them by machine and by hand but the design doesn't chip or crack so yey.

Oh, a big thank you to my officemate Joey who helped me with the designs. He is a photoshop genius.

At dahil medyo pasaway ako, I wore the blue shirt to church. Well, their reaction is a story best saved for another day :)

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