Friday, April 13, 2012

Senakulo 2012

As most of my friends and readers know, I have been serving in our local church. Before anything else, let me clear something up. My views on the Catholic Church have not changed. I am still the blasphemous-bible-thumping-heathen than I am.

I just like serving in that specific church because one, we have an awesome priest. Two, I like most of the people there. Three, it's a great way for me to divert myself from my typical home-work routine.

So back in January, my friend Cora told me that the Youth Ministry will be staging a play called Senakulo. Me being quasi-ignorant when it comes to religion had no idea what she was talking about. She gladly explained it to me. Basically, it's a play similar to the movie, The Passion of the Christ. Parang tagalog version nung movie kumbaga.

She said she wanted me to play Herodes (King Herod). She basically would not take no for an answer so hesitant as I may have been, I accepted the role she so graciously bestowed upon me. I had a proviso though, I told her not to give me a big role and not that many lines because I don't have time to memorize them.

We have been rehearsing since late February. We started with the script reading and had several workshops. Since Cora knows about my experience when it comes to the theater, she assigned me to conduct several workshops. Syempre I accepted the responsibility.

So the performance day finally came. It was on the 4th of April. It was on a Wednesday.

Before the show, may blessing keme na naganap.

Ayan. Start na ng play.

Eto ay nung matapos ang curtain call.

Aminin ninyo dear readers, considering that this isn't a professional production, ang taray ng costumes at make up ano? I was honestly impressed. Never expected it to be like this.

Gandaaaaa. Galing magdirect ng aking friend na si Cora. Hats off to her.

Actually, may video ang buong performance at nakaupload sa YouTube. Pinagiisipan ko pa kung ipopost ko dito.

During the performance, tinatanong ako nung iba kung kinakabahan ako. Nangingiti nalang ako pag may nagtatanong. Mamaya kasi eh baka isipin nilang mayabang ako pag sinabi kong, "Hindi. Sanay na ako eh."

Syempre, humble dapat ang peg. Diba?

Oh and the best part is, nanood sina Mama kasama ang lola ko, tita ko at pinsan ko. Front seat pa. Aside from that, nandoon din si Gregory. O diba? Me na. Me na talagaaaaaa.

I truly enjoyed being part of the play. It was a wonderful experience. Cora, kung nababasa mo to, join ako sa next na production ah. :)

Congratulations to the Youth of San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish. A job well done to all of us.

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