Friday, April 13, 2012

History is Made at Night

"Instead of going out, why dont I cook carbonara for dinner and we can have dinner in my terrace under the stars?" I texted him.

"Hmm... sounds romantic. Alright. :)" he replied.

Since he would be coming from work, I did not cook the pasta yet. I just prepared the sauce.

He fetched me at church because we had rehearsals. 

When we got to my house, I started cooking the pasta.

He had a plastic bag with him. In it was a bottle of wine and olives.

"Do you like olives?" he asked.

"Of course I do"

"I love it that you're so classy." he said.

I laughed.

He also brought dessert. It was this cheese flavored donut which I must say was so big and so good.

My laptop was in the kitchen so I started playing music. 

One certain song started playing. 

He hugged me.

I hugged him back.

Next thing I knew, we were slow dancing in my kitchen to that song.

We both started laughing.

Hindi ko kaya. Ibang level ang kilig ko nun.

After cooking, we went up to my terrace to prepare for dinner.

I lit the candle and he set the plates.

We were talking about everything under the sun over pasta and wine.

It felt amazing.

He said he was happy because apparently, no one has ever cooked for him.

And he said the carbonara tasted great.

It may not have been a date out in the city but it was perfect.

Candlelit dinner under the stars.

If that isn't romantic, I don't know what is.

He said ang dami ko daw pogi points sa kanya nung gabing yun.

Oh and in case you guys are wondering what song we slow danced to, its the song below.

 I must say, it was the perfect song for a perfect evening :)


jeff said...

nice and sweet! :)
So u on SMASH too...great series right? more power!

Adam said...

YESSSSSS I love SMASH. I love it so much that I bought the sheet music for some of their songs online. Was a bit pricey pero keri lang.