Friday, April 13, 2012

What I Found Out

Alright dear reader, personal update time.

Here's what happened. Last Monday, I went to Trinoma to have my eyes checked because I have been suffering from headaches and my vision has become fuzzy.

The clinic I went to is called Del Mundo which is located just beside Seattle's Best. I must say, they are very good. Although I did spend several hours there because I had to undergo several tests and they re-did them just to be sure they got an accurate reading.

So I found out at the muscles in my eyes are not adjusting when something is up close. Well that answers why I had a hard time reading things in front of me.

The doctor said there was one more test I had to take but I had to go to St Lukes E.Rod the next day because the equipment needed is in that hospital.

So I picked out my frames and paid for them together with the consultation and testing fees.

Thank God my friend Ellaine was there to keep me company or I would have been bored to death.

The next day before going to work, I went to St Lukes to take something called the "Visual Field Test". It's basically an in depth look at my eyes to see if there's anything else that's wrong. Thats when they found out that the nerves in my eyes are not responding to objects around me.

The doctor told me that the lenses needed for my glasses are going to be custom made but since they are not available in the Philippines, it'll take several days before they arrive. Being special lenses, they cost an arm and leg which I am not thrilled about but I had no choice. The doctor did say that these lenses are going to be worth it so here's hoping that they are.

Well I can still see, it's just I can't see things properly up close.

Well, I will be posting an update once my glasses arrive.

Wish me luck my dear readers.

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Anonymous said...

how close is up close?