Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meet An Old Friend: Libby

When we arrived in Singapore, I bought a local sim and one reason for that was so that I could contact a good friend of mine who is now living there.

I used to blog about her and she was my wave mate here at the office when I was still working for the call center.

Libby has been a really good friend mine and it's great that even after she left, we're still in contact with one another.

She moved to Singapore last year. I think it was March. She came to SG for work. Greener pastures and all that shit.

So ayun, I made it a point that I had to see her before I left SG. She told me to meet her in Lucky Plaza which was located in Orchard Road.

I asked her how to go there. Sabi niya mag MRT daw ako. Kaloka. Natatakot ako dahil baka maligaw ako at kung saan ako mapadpad.

Despite my better judgement, I decided to take the MRT. Its a good thing I did.

Tignan niyo naman, ito ang dadaanan mo papuntang MRT.

This is where the train stops.

Inside the train. Ang luwag sa loob and it smells sooooo good. It's well maintained, unlike the MRT's in the Phils.

When I reached Orchard Road, I passed by TANGS which was a mall situated beside Lucky Plaza.

After a little walking, I finally reached Lucky Plaza. Akala ko naman park yun or something. Mall pala. May ignorante moment ako hahaha.

Dumating ako dun ng mga 8:50 and I was scheduled to meet Libby at 9AM. But Libby who I could only assume is still on Filipino time arrive at 9:30. So ayan, naghintay ako sa Lucky Plaza dahil sa tagal dumating nang babaeng yun.

When she arrived, I was so happy at tumakbo talaga ako and I hugged her. I haven't seen in a very long time eh.

She bought me breakfast in Mc Donalds. In fairness, I like their servings.

Nagkwentuhan kami ng bongga. She asked me about the office so nagkwento ako sa kanya ng mga chismis na alam ko.

She asked me about Parker so I told her everything.

I asked her how life was in SG. Sabi niya okay naman daw. Work daw lagi but she gets homesick every now and then.

I can imagine what she's feeling. I know how it feels to be far from the people you love.

It was sooo great to see her again. Libby has been a terrific friend to me and I was really sad when she left. She was one of the people I first came out to and she was always there whenever I needed a friend.

Over breakfast, I asked her about work.

"So ano trabaho mo dito?", I asked.

"Sa hotel ako nagwowork."

"Eh anong ginagawa mo dun?"

"Sa front desk ako", she answered.

"Naaabot mo yung desk?!", I asked.

Muntik niyang ipalo sa mukha ko yung tray matapos kong sabihin yun hahaha.

I miss you Libby. Hopefully I can visit SG again.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much teh! Kakamiss ka talaga pati mga integrim peeps. Pagbalik mo dito isama mo na sila ha? :p Seriously it was really good to see you again. Looking forward to the next time. :))