Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My iPhone is Back!

I wrote before about how I had to start using a Blackberry again because I had to have Globe repair my iPhone. I kinda broke it, the home button wasn't working anymore.

I brought my iPhone to Globe in September and it's only now that I got it back.

It's November. No-freaking-vember.

The people at Globe Trinoma told me that they had to ship my phone to Singapore kasi nandun daw ang pwedeng mag check sa phone ko. Weird right? Bakit kasi hindi nalang magkaroon ng matinong service center ang iPhone dito sa Pilipinas para hindi abutin ng siyam-siyam ang repair ng iPhone.

So anyway, ayun nga. After several visits to Globe with no positive results, one of their representatives called me and said that my phone was ready for pick-up. But since the heavens seem to be having a field day with me, kelangan daw nila ng Authorization Letter and ID galing kay Mader kasi siya daw bumili nito.

Again, tumaas ang kilay ko dahil dito. But my phone was there, I was thankful that I wouldn't have to wait anymore so I just let it slide. I sent my mother a message asking her to email me a copy of the letter and her ID.

So I went to Globe Trinoma after work. Dumeretso ako sa Express Lane, which by the way is anything but express service, and after about an hour I was able to get my hands on my iPhone. Though I was getting very impatient waiting, I must say there are A LOT of good looking employees over there at Globe Trinoma. Syempre may mga chaka, pero mas mataas ang ratio ng mga gwapo.

Strategy ata ng Globe yun eh para hindi mapansin ng mga customer na ang bagal ng service nila. Right? But I digress.

Though it took almost 3 months for me to get my iPhone, and the whole time I was in the dark regarding the status of my phone, the one thing that made me happy about their service is that they actually did not repair my phone.

They replaced it with a brand new one. =)

So technically, I have a brand new iPhone 4.

Shalan lang diba?

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