Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yellow Brick Road Not Taken

Alright so I've been gone for a while. Been enjoying my vacation. But now I'm back more juiced up than ever. The Yellow Brick Road Not Taken was a benefit concert held at the Gershwin Theatre last October 27, 2008. For one night, the concert showcased different songs and stories from the early drafts of Wicked that were cut out from the musical even before it went on stage. Examples would be:

Making Good - was replaced by The Wizard and I
For Goodness Sake
Step by Step
Good News
Bad Situation
Winky Wine
The original version of Defying Gravity

Sad to say Idina Menzel was not there to play the role of Elphaba but Shoshana Bean who by the way is my favorite actress who took on the role of Elphie and Stephanie J. Block were there. And to my surprise, Ashanti was there to sing some of Elphabas line in Defying Gravity. Why she was there and why she brought Nelly, I have no idea.

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