Monday, March 9, 2009

Fire Dancing

These are pictures of me fire dancing for the first time. I was so overwhelmed. This was taken at Burnham Park during the closing of Panagbenga.
I would like to thank:
-Tsok for inspiring to Fire dance and for my first pair of PlanetZips Practice Poi.

-Wylmer for telling me to video my first fire zip bruise.
-My mom for giving me the money to buy these.
-YouTube for the lessons and all.
-Leo for my very first practice poi set.
-Marilyve for taking the pictures even though she was freezing cold at the time.
Anyway, I hope to post more in the future. For more pictures of me Fire Dancing, go to


itsaharshworld said...

ah basta ANDAMING tao kanina! so iritada ang lola mo!! whooo~ if it wasn't for our project, i wouldn't even be out on a sunday... chete~

kecen said...

The photographs are fantastic!

The light forms shapes that are very geometric.

Anonymous said...

Very nice