Monday, June 6, 2011

Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee

Friday night nang mag-aya si Ellaine na mag-Starbucks sa SM North. Kinulit namin si Bongga para sumama, ayun sumama naman.

Pagdating namin sa Starbucks eh ang daming tao. At take note, yung tipong lima sila tapos isa lang ang umorder, ganun level ba. Kairita.

So we decided to walk around para maghanap ng ibang coffee shop. We passed by a place called Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee. Mukhang ok naman ang ambiance ng lugar, and I saw that they had a lot of cakes so sabi ko dun nalang kami. Bet naman nung dalawa.

Umorder yung dalawa ng Dulce De Leche and I ordered a Cheesecake with blueberry and strawberry shit  on top. I did not like my cake. No I did not. I am a man of discriminating taste and I was not pleased at all since I have a certain fondness for cheesecakes.

First, I could taste the flour, meaning either the batter was not mixed properly or they did not use enough cream cheese to make it. Second, the strawberry tasted bad so it's obvious that the cake was not new. Third, the blueberry syrup was too runny.

The Dulce De Leche was good though. So note to self, should I pass by this place again, steer clear of the cheesecakes.

I cannot remember the name of this drink, but I think we all ordered the same thing. It was ok. Not bad, not really good. Just ok. 

In fairness natuwa kami sa tinidor na sing-laki lang ng mga daliri namin haha. 

Si Bongga and her new haircut. 

Ellaine and her new hairstyle. 

Hindi marunong kumuha ng picture si ate. Against the light. 

At dahil maaga pa and it was a Friday night, naglakad lakad kami sa loob ng SM. Dumaan kami ng Fully Booked and I saw a set of books sa may dulo.

I honestly thought that it said, "It was a dark and horny night". When I realized my blunder, I burst out laughing and I told Bongga who was close by what happened and she started laughing too.

Masaya naman ang naging gabi namin. After a tiring and stress-filled week from work, theres nothing better than hanging out with the company of good friends.

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