Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Party 2011

Every year I throw a dinner party on my birthday. Last year it was at Giligans with a group of 7 people. This year it was at Gerry's Grill and this time there were 14 of us.

People who were present were Sexy Anne, Mariah, Benj, Ellaine, Bongga, Jelai, Tess, Trix, Jaydee, Moneh, Ramon, Mary, and Maria.

Here are pictures from that night. Iba talaga pag nagsama-sama kami.

They surprised me with a cake. Na-touch naman ako, tumakas si Ellaine para bilhan ako ng cake. 

Dahil walang candle, yosi ang ginamit namin.

There is no greater joy than to celebrate your day surrounded by your closest and dearest friends. I've been back in Manila for more than a year now and within that span of time, I have made terrific friends. They are the best and dare I say that this has been the best birthday party I have ever had.

Thank you everyone for making my birthday one that I will never forget.


Nimmy said...

Ang kulet ng "candle" mo. Haha. Happy Birthday dude! :)

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday!