Friday, April 10, 2015

I Have A Car!

The title says it all. I have a car now!

Na-convince ko kasi si mudra na ibigay sa akin ang luma niyang car since may bago siyang CRV. Mind you, this isn't free, not technically. I have to pay her a certain amount but considering the car, it was a steal.

I haven't really drove anything since my accident back in 2010 so medyo nanibago ako. The thing is, I never fully anticipated the expense that comes with owning a car.

Gas prices are ridiculously expensive. Ngayon ko naiintindihan kung bakit deal at national news pag nag rollback ng presyo ang gasolina. Pati parking fee, napakamahal. I pay 150php everyday for parking in Eton Centris. It's a ripoff considering the parking isn't covered or secured.

Maintenance (which I haven't had to deal with so far) is also pricey, I hear. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. But for now, I want to revel in the fact that I no longer have to ride the MRT (which gets worse as the days go by) or any form of public transportation except for days when I'm not in the mood to drive.

I've had the car for about a month now and I'm comfortable driving around the city now. Pero ang totoong test of courage ng pagmamaneho ay ang pagpunta sa Divisoria.

Hindi ko pa kaya. Not now. Not yet. But soon.

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