Monday, March 29, 2010

Why I've been gone for so long...

Hello Dear Readers.

I believe that I owe you guys an apology and an explanation as to why I havent been able to update my blog in such a long time. So lets start with January.


January 13, 2010 I was hospitalized because of an accident. I was driving a motorcycle on my way to work because we had a meeting and I was going to be late, I was in such a hurry that I didn't notice what happened. Everything went down so fast and I crashed into the side of a bus. My shoulder got dislocated from my arm and they had to operate on me to put my bone back in its place. Thank God that's all I got plus a really bad scrape to the knee. Needless to say, I had to wear an arm sling for a month so I could only use my left hand. This limited the things I could do such as writing, eating, texting and typing. And when I had to go Live on TV, I had to take the arm sling out and put it back during commercial breaks.


I was swamped with work at Colours Network TV 32. I was a News Anchor and News Writer plus I was also a host for Kulay Kordilyera and my segment was Hyperactive which was about health and fitness. Basically I was busy, really busy and I was cooped up in the studio so I didnt really have anything to blog about. I had loads of fun though.


If you know me personally or have read parts of my blog in the past, you know that I graduated from College last October 2009 but I had a back subject which was my Thesis/Study. I spent the better part of March finishing it. Im done with it now so I have time to update. Anyway, to the people who read my blog, Thank You and I love you all. To those who dont like my blog, go to To those who dont like me, who gives a flying fig? hahaha


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