Friday, March 6, 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 Initial Impression

RuPaul's Drag Race is back for its 7th season! This time around, it's a mix of younger and older queens and according to RuPaul, season 7 won't follow the same format of past seasons.

First up, Santino Rice is out and we've got 2 new judges. Carson Kressley and Ross Mathews. RPDR fans would recognize Mathews as a guest judge from seasons past. It's nice to see that he's been given a permanent seat in the panel.

Episode 1 (Born Naked) aired on March 2nd and we got to see our queens in action for the first time. Being a HUGE Drag Race fan, I'll give my first impression of the girls. SPOILERS AHEAD.

 Miss Fame

I already knew of Miss Fame before she became a RuGirl. Her make-up skills will give all these girls a run for their money. That being said, in the first episode, I can see a glimmer of personality and I can see her desire to win (like all of them) but I wonder if she hack it on stage performance-wise. We know she's pretty. But can she deliver? We have the rest of the season to find out.

Ginger Minj

Here we have the chain-smoking-cross-dresser-for-Christ. That just rolls off your tongue doesn't it? Ginger is a comedy queen, or so it seems. I feel like she's gonna be one of the girls to beat this season. That's all I can say. I love the Minj! 

Max Malanaphy

Max is classically trained. Apparently, he played the Beast in one of the Beauty and the Beast productions. That being said, her runway looks look high fashion and she brings in a taste of old Hollywood glamour. I wan't to see who she'll play in the Snatch Game.  

Jasmine Masters

The hoe who has something to say. I must say, I love this bitch. Her personality is off the hook and I feel she's the type of girl who you could have drinks and kiki with but cross her and she'll cut a bitch. Runway look was too disco-diva for me. The reveal was nice though. I agree with Carson, she should have taken off the fringe.

Sasha Belle

If there is bigger Drag Race fan than me, I have a feeling it's Sasha Belle. Her lobster dress was fierce and I loved the fan toss. Too bad she missed the mark on the runway challenge. I feel that she's too much inside her head and that could lead to her downfall. She knows how the game is played, but she knows from from being on the outside looking in. Let's see what happens to her in the coming days.

Trixie Mattel 

She doesn't paint for the back row. She paints for the check cashing place across the street. She's serving up some Barbie realness. I think her style is good for the show. There's variety. She is playing a character after all. Side note, she's cute out of drag.

Mrs. Kasha Davis 

I also knew of Mrs. Kasha Davis but that's because she's auditioned every single season. Take that, Alaska Thunderfvck. Her style of drag reminds me of Days of our Lives for some reason. After 7 years, she's finally a RuGirl so I hope she brings it. I can see the fire in her eyes that she wants this.

The Russian hooker. I love her. She's funny and sassy. She referred to Kandy as the Bearded Hoe and that for me was enough to root for her.

Jaidynn Diore Fierce 

She's got the sass, she's got the attitude. She's hell bent on winning the competition and she's made everyone aware of that since the trailer. She seems likable though.

Kandy Ho' 

I have mixed feelings about her. She comes off a bit bitchy. Then again it could be the "editing". I just find it a bit off putting what she said to Tempest when they met. A lot of Puerto Rican girls who've been on the show were such sweethearts. Maybe I'm reading too much into this. It's only been one episode after all. I will say this though, the Bearded Hoe delivered a fierce lip sync performance.

Kennedy Davenport 

When I heard that another Davenport was going to be in the show, first that came to my mind was, "amazing dancer". She's the drag sister of the late Sahara Davenport. A quick search on YouTube showed me that whoever lip syncs against Kennedy will be sent home.


Pearl also known as the 'trade' of this season. Before the queens were revealed, Pearl was one of the names I'd always see online. When I saw the trailer, I realized why. The bitch has some sickening looks in store for everyone. Some of the girls find her standoffish which I actually like. She looks like she can't be bothered.

Violet Chachki 

Violet won the first challenge which means she's made her mark on the show. Throughout the show's herstory, the winner of the first challenge either ends up being crowned or at least ends up in the top 5. The only exception to this was Morgan McMichaels from Season 2 who was sent home by the late Sahara Davenport. In the first episode, she seems to be rubbing people the wrong way. I wonder if she's gonna end up being the bitch of the season. I guess we all have to wait and see.

Tempest DuJour

She was the first queen to go home. Too bad. I actually liked Tempest. I thought she'd go far in the competition. It seemed to be a big deal that her outfits were uninspiring considering that she's a costumer. But looking back, this isn't the first time someone who knows how to sew was sent home early. Lashawn Beyond from season 4 was the 2nd queen to go home and that bitch could sew. Anyway, I don't think Tempest should have been the first one to go.

So that's that, my impression of the girls based on the first episode. I'm pretty sure there are those who would have their own opinions on the girls. If you don't agree with mine, that's fine. We are all fans and we all have our own interpretation of the show and the girls.

It's too early for me to give my top three. I'll probably have a better clue by episode 4.

Tune in for my mid-season review of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7! 

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