Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Power of Drag Race

Let me take a break from fixing the blog (which still looks like shit tbh) because I have a story to share.

So I am one of the biggest fans of RuPaul's Drag Race. There's just something about the show I find addicting. Now, I don't know if all Drag Race fans in the country knows this but Alyssa Edwards is in Manila and she will be performing in O-Bar for one night. That's tomorrow.

Of course I have to watch. The queen is here! I took a 2-day leave from work to watch her because I need one day to get ready and haul my ass to O-Bar and another day to recover from the night before because any Alyssa fan would know damn well that it'll be a night of tomfoolery.

With me will be Gregory and his bestfriend. Another person who'll watch with us is one of my friends, let's call him Khan.

Khan is one of my closest friends and he's also a Drag Race fan. A few days ago, Khan twisted his ankle so it's swollen and all. I told him that because of his foot, he might not be able to watch the show with us anymore.

He got up and walked that shit off.

That, ladies and gentlemen who like gentlemen, is the power of drag race.

Oh and here's the best part, Khan is straight. He's straight as they come but is a true Drag Race fan. Like seeing a unicorn, it's un-fucking-believable.

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