Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wicked Manila 2014

Mariah and I watched Wicked on the 23rd of January. A few years ago, I promised her that if Wicked ever comes to the Philippines eh manonood kaming dalawa. By hook or by crook, manonood kami.

I told her dress up so she showed up the at CCP wearing this. Dressed to the nines ang bakla. Nagmukha akong PA niya...

...kasi I wore a shirt haha

Here is the Oz Dust Boutique where people could buy official Wicked merchandise. To be perfectly honest, they had better merch in Singapore. The didn't even have the new grey hoodie or the Grimerie. I ended up buying a poster.

Here we were waiting for Act 1 to begin. One thing I've noticed, if it's an international production, the ushers aren't very strict when it comes to taking pictures before the show starts. Of course, when the lights are turned off and the curtains rise, then the ushers make sure that cameras and phones are tucked away.

Pag local production and you're already seated, even if the show hasn't started yet, the ushers are breathing down your neck. Super strict to the point na akala mo ipipirate ng mga patrons ang show. I can't blame them but they should teach their ushers to be more polite.

And here is the stage. It's as beautiful as I remember it.

The show was amazing and Mariah said she enjoyed it. The whole time I was in disbelief that I was watching Wicked again. I am so happy they brought the tour here. I'm watching the show 2 more times. Yes, fanboy eh.


Anonymous said...

How much is the poster po?

Adam said...

The poster costs 200. Go buy na if you're a fan of the show! You can buy merchandise in CCP even if you don't watch the show :)