Monday, February 17, 2014

My Funny & Crazy Valentine

When Gregory saw what I prepared for him, he was speechless. He was in shock.

“I could never pull off something like this for you.”

“I feel unworthy.”

“The most I do is pay for dinner when we go out.”

These were words I heard from him. But I kept telling him that it’s fine. He didn’t need to do anything like that for me. I have simple joys. When he bought me a sansrival cake, my favorite cake, I was very happy. He bought one from some overpriced cake shop and I told him he didn’t need to do that. A sansrival from Goldilocks was already more than enough for me.

I am not that expressive when it comes to showing gratitude and I’ve already told him that before. Just because I don’t say thank you for the things he does, it does not mean I’m not grateful for them. Just because I don’t tell him everyday how good-looking he is, it doesn’t mean I find him less attractive. 

When I make fun of his cooking skills or his first-world problems that I lovingly refer to as “Alta Problems”, it doesn’t mean I am belittling or mocking him. It is my way of making lambing. 

When I tell him that the goblins in his head are running around because of his obsessive-compulsive personality, it's my way of showing him that his quirks make me smile and that they're part of the reason why I fell in love with him.

When I tell him to stop controlling what I wear or the food I eat, it doesn't mean I'm upset. I'm happy that he wants to help me improve my lifestyle.

When I tell him to stop nagging me when he asks me to lessen my junk food and processed food intake, it doesn't mean I get annoyed at his nagging ways. I'm happy that he wants me to live a healthier lifestyle.

And when he told me that he wanted me to lessen my smoking because he didn't want me to die early so that he could grow old with me, I knew I had found Mr. Right.

So maybe I am a basket case and have more emotional baggage than I care to admit. Maybe I am a little bit of a fixer-upper. Maybe I'm still trying to fix the pieces of my life that I left broken for so many years. 

I'm lucky I have someone who's not only willing to wait for me to fix whatever needs fixing, but he's also willing to help me pick up the pieces and fit everything back in place.

Because of that, I have all I've waited for... and I could not ask for more.