Monday, April 15, 2013

Ocean Park

A few weeks ago, Gregory and I had one lazy weekend so we decided to go out. Not knowing where to go, I suggested we go to Manila Ocean Park since I haven't been there in a long time.

We got there at around 4PM. The line wasn't that bad. We wanted to watch the sea lion show which was starting in an hour so decided to walk around first to kill time.

The sea lion show started at around 5 and there a lot of people. We got pretty good seats.

I enjoyed this show. The seals were really entertaining.

The Musical Fountain Show was at 7:15 so we walked around Ocean Park. I smoked every now and then of course.

Here are the Jelly Fish. Nothing earth-shattering.

After spending time with the Jelly Fish and walking around, we finally went to the Musical Fountain. We were in line for about 20 minutes. Ang daming tao.

Then it started.

I actually took about 80 pictures of the show but I don't think posting 80 pictures in one post would be a good idea.

The Musical Fountain ended at around 8pm so we went straight to the Oceanarium which by the way, is my favorite place in Manila Ocean Park.

I'm so happy. Can you tell? :)

I walked around finding Dory (Ha!) but I couldn't see her anywhere so I had to settle for Nemo.

Outside the tunnel. I've always wanted to dive into this tank and just swim the fishes. Although the presence of sharks and manatees bigger than me kinda scares me a bit.

Oh and since we were at the souvenir shop while we were roaming, we bought matching shirts. I kinda wanted this shirt. I find it fabulous. I don't have good taste in clothes, I know.

We ended up buying this shirt. Syempre ako lang ang nasa picture.

It was a fun day. Gregory and I always go to malls or cinemas when we go out so doing something different and on a whim was fun.

I told him that I wanna go to Enchanted Kingdom next time.

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