Friday, April 19, 2013

Date Night: Racks Mall of Asia

Our last date night, Gregory and I went to Racks in MOA.

Originally, our plan was to eat at Yakimix because I wanted to EAT. As in really eat. When we got to Yakimix, which by the way was beside Racks, there was this long-ass line and we were number 18 on the list.

I wasn't having any of it since we were both hungry. He mentioned that he wanted Racks. I was debating between Racks and Vikings.

We ended up at Racks.

I got biscuits as an appetizer. Gregory asked me why were they called biscuits. It's because that's what they call 'em in the US.

Side dishes: Mashed Potatoes (of course) and Broccoli and Cheese (for him since I don't eat veggies).

We ordered this platter that was good for 4. It came with two side dishes, 4 pieces of chicken, 2 pork ribs and a pitcher of soda which I upgraded to iced tea.

I don't know why but there were fireworks. Pero we had a good view.

It was actually my first time in Racks. I loved the food especially the pork ribs because they cut like butter which is exactly what I want.

We were suppose to go ice skating but by the time we were done eating, MOA was closing in 30 mins so we didn't push through. We ended up walking around the place instead.

I just love our date nights.

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