Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Monthsarry Dinner

Gregory and I celebrated our monthsarry a few days ago. I don't really blog about our monthsarries but this time I felt the need to.

I told him to leave work early because I'll prepare dinner at home.

I made my Basil Tuna Mushroom pasta which he seems to love so much.

He bought a cake from Conti's which was actually really good. He said that he wanted to get Sansrival because it's my favorite cake but he couldn't find any so he got me the next best thing, chocolate.

So there we were in the dining area having dinner when I saw a brown baggie at the end of the table bear the cake. I asked him what it was.

"Secret. That's for later." he answered.

After dinner, he opened the brown paper bag and inside it was a scrapbook.

He said that he made this back in December and was planning to give it to me as a Christmas gift but he ended up buying me an iPad case.

It's so cute. Apparently, I'm the one with spiky hair.

For obvious reasons I could not yet show what's inside it but it's filled with pictures of us. Most of them from our trips. Some of the pictures, I didn't even know existed. It was my first time seeing them.

I was surprised and touched. No one has ever made me a scrapbook. The time and effort he put in to make this just makes my heart melt.

Gregory, thank you so much for the gift, I love it.

The small things you do make me love you more and you never cease to find ways to take my breath away.

I love you so much, my bunny :)

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aboutambot said...

how sweet! happy valentines.