Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Of Steers and Queers

Here's a story I'd like to share.

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder since January 2012.

It's only now that I've found the time to finish it.

As most of you know, I'm all for gay rights and shit.

Now here's the thing, I have this friend and we've been good friends for quite some time now.

He's a really cool guy and we get along so well.

His parents know me and all that. The thing is, apparently his parents didn't know I was gay at first.

When they found out, they asked him to start avoiding me.

Baka mahawa daw siya.

I know right? Ibaba ang mga kilay.

This is something I don't find offensive. I find it hilarious.

So as it seems, his parents aren't big fans of the gays.

They haven't spoken to me directly. He was the one who told me.

Kasi, I noticed things started to change with his behavior whenever I'm around.

So I jokingly asked him if his parents asked him to avoid me.

Bigla siyang umo-o.

Imagine my shock dear readers.

Akala ko nagjojoke lang siya. Seryoso pala. Kaloka lang.

I know that there are people who frown upon us gays but I still find it a tad unfair and because some of them discriminate against us for the most ignorant reasons.

I mean, with all due respect to his parents, I don't think me being gay should be an issue.

Baka mahawa daw siya? Ano ako? SARS?! Avian Flu?!

How many times do we have to explain na ang pagiging bakla ay hindi parang  sipon na pwede kang mahawa at pag uminom ka ng gamot eh mawawala nalang.

Hindi ito parang ilaw na may on and off switch.

You don't turn gay by sitting next to a gay man although you appear stupid if you look at homosexuality that way.


Ako, I work for an industry dominated by straight men. Ang mga ka-department ko, halos lahat eh straight.

But, I have the respect and recognition I deserve from my colleagues and my boss because I am fucking good at doing my job.

My gayness does not hinder me or anyone else from being decent members of society.

As most of you know, I am very sensitive about this topic.

I believe, and I'm sure a lot of gay men share my sympathy, that all we want is to live and love freely out in the open.

I find it hilarious and completely shallow how others can unfairly judge us without even thinking rationally.

It just goes to show that there are still people whose minds are stuck in the middle ages. This is the 21st Century for God's sake.

We are and have always been a part of society and others need to deal with the fact that there are gay people in this world and they can bitch all they want pero hindi kami aalis.

I know that people are entitled to their own opinions so here I am voicing my own.

There will always be people who will claim that being gay is wrong but I am happy because I know that there are a lot of people out there whose minds are open enough to realize that we are just like everyone else.

Hindi ka mahahawa dahil lang sa may kaibigan kang bading.

It is not a choice. We were born this way.

As for my friend, it has caused a huge rift in our friendship and we don't really talk anymore.

He wanted us to be friends behind his parents' back.

Facepalm nalang.

I really wish that one day, society would be more accepting and open minded.

It's a pipe-dream, I know.

But who knows, 50 years ago, things were different. In a bad way.

Things are better now.

Maybe in 50 years, things will be different. In a good way.


JM said...

that is so sad..

i am also in an industry na panlalaki talaga so to speak. pero i get to be treated like a guy kasi ndi cguro mashado halata. though mejo mahinhin ako magsalita tsaka kumilos. though may isa sa kanila na nakakaalam, buti na lang hindi nagbago samahan namin.

Adam said...

Dedma naman ang mga officemates ko eventhough they know I'm gay. Keri lang sa kanila. But yeah, how your officemates treat you is very important kasi kung maganda ang trabaho mo pero hindi ka naman trinatrato ng maayos specially if its over something as personal as sexuality, hindi ka magiging masaya.