Monday, November 19, 2012

Date Night: CYMA

During our last monthsary, which he lovingly refers to as anniversary for some reason, Gregory and I had dinner at Cyma.

I like the food at Cyma and it's also a special place because it's where we had our first date.

We had salad. It's called Roka (something). I could not, for the life of me, remember the damn things name.

I have no idea what this is called but it's delicious. It's a dip made out of spinach and cheese.

I also don't know what this is called but it was good. It's like Paella.

Despite our busy schedules, we make it a point that during our monthsary we have to see each other. Or at least see each other that week.

We either go out or stay in and cook something.

We have our own stuff to deal with everyday but I love it when we go out on dates. Not for anything but because it's when we get to spend time together away from the outside world.

A quick escape finding solitude and serenity in each others company. 

That makes the date more romantic... more special...

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