Monday, October 29, 2012

New Toy: Samsung Galaxy S3

For the longest time, I have been a Globe user and for more than two years, I have been using a postpaid line under Globe.

When I got my plan, I only availed of the sim. The beauty of it was that I was not locked-in and I had the option to terminate my plan or upgrade it anytime I wanted.

I have had my issues with Globe. From bad reception to poor customer service. But 99% of the people I know are Globe users so I have to stick with it so as not to rack up a huge phone bill.

Aside from being a Globe user, I have also been an iPhone user since 2010 but when the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out, it's features caught my attention.

Globe offers the Samsung Galaxy S3 at their 1799 postpaid plan with a cash out amount of 4800 and since I have no plans of switching to a different network, I decided to upgrade my plan and avail of the phone. It wasn't as simple as going to Globe and getting the phone, mind you.

EVERY Globe store within the Greater Manila Area had no stock of the phone so I was put on a waiting list. I had my mom process the application and everything since my plan is under her name. It took me a month but eventually I got the phone.

When I opened the box and held the phone for the first time, I instantly thought "This is a big-ass phone". But I knew that this phone was right for me.

It comes with the bare necessities: earphones, extra ear plugs, standard micro-USB cable and a wall adapter.

It comes with papers I never bothered reading.

I wasn't really worried about switching from IOS to Android because I have a 7inch Galaxy Tab which runs on Android.

I love how big the screen is. It makes texting, emailing, even 9gagging easier. My only complain about Android is that I wish the Play Store had more apps.

I love this phone. I've always been contented with the iPhone but that all changed when I got the Samsung Galaxy S3. 

Now, the iPhone looks so small to me. I'm a gadget-snob aren't I?

But all good things come with a price. Now, I'm locked-in to Globe for the next 2 years. But at least after two years, if I have the plan renewed, I get a brand new phone.

Oh well, c'est la vie :)

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