Sunday, October 28, 2012

Razer Electra Headphones

Part of my daily routine on my way to work is to listen to music. I still use my iPod Classic since it has enough memory for all my songs plus it double's as an external drive.

For the longest time, I've been using my Samsung Galaxy Tabs' headset because it works on my iPod and on  both my phones. I don't wanna carry a separate headset for each so the Samsung headset is really useful.

But lately, I think I've overused them already because the sound quality has changed so I searched the internet for good headsets than are compatible with cellphones. The brands I came across are really expensive and waaaaay out of my budget. Beats for example cost around 12k.

I am not spending 12k on a headset.

But one day, I was on 9gag when I saw a post about Beats vs. a brand named Razer. Could you imagine? Of all places, 9gag would have the answer to my headset woes.

So I did my research and read about the Razer brand plus I looked up reviews.

One day, I was at SM North Edsa when I passed by several shops selling the headphones I wanted, the Razer Electra.

Eventually, I settled for Data Blitz because it's a more reputable store.

It came in a big box that showed half of the headphone.

There's this welcome message when you open the box.

A few knick-knacks.

One thing I love about the Razer Electra is that it comes with two cables. One for music and one that has a microphone that's compatible with my S3 and Blackberry. YEY :D

I must say, build quality is great and it fits snugly in my head.

The ear cups are really soft and cushion-y. I use these at the office and they stay on for about 5-6 hours a day and my ears don't hurt AT ALL.

This is, by default, a gaming headset so it's build is really good. It's meant to withstand heavy usage.

The cable locks on to the headphones so that you don't accidentally yank them out or something.

Sound quality is amazing. Bass is good and strong.

I'm not that good reviewing headphones seeing as how I am not really an audiophile but I know it sounds good. It's better than any other headset I've ever had.

The Razer Electra set me back 2,950php and it was well worth it. :D


rimaxaros said...

gosh, sarap mag-recording nito. geez i'm jelous...

Adam said...

True. Ganda ng sound te. Lahvet!