Saturday, June 30, 2012

High School Friend

One morning in the office, I was busy working when I received a Facebook notification on my phone.

"OMG so sorry wasn't able to set up a get together here. Went to La union 2 weekends in a row then everyday family have something planned for us  So sorry talaga..."

It was a message from my friend Debbie.

"When are you leaving?" I replied.

"Tomorrow morning :("

I was surprised. I thought she would be staying for a few more days.

I gave her a call and made plans to meet up for lunch.

You see, Debbie was my classmate in 4th Year HS when I moved to La Union. We used to be seatmates. I remember the first time we sat together, she read things out loud which drove me nuts. Eventually, I learned to tune it out and we became good friends after.

After graduating from High School, she moved to the US but we still kept in contact through YM, Friendster, and now Facebook.

She arrived here about a month ago for some family thing. Due to schedule conflicts, we couldn't really meet up but when I found out she was leaving the next day, I had to make it a point to see her. I'm not gonna wait another 8 years before I could see this bitch again.

I asked my boss if I could step out for an hour or two. I explained to him why. He said it was fine.

So I hauled my ass to SM Megamall to meet Debbie who was with her husband and in-laws.

When I saw her, I gave her a big hug and the first thing she said to me was ang tangkad ko daw..

Mas gumanda siya. I wanna post our Prom pictures from High School but I won't. The memories of our awkward years should remain where they are. In my computer's hard drive, hidden from the world.

We had lunch at Dad's, which by the way I am never going back to. Horrible story. Let's just say there was something we found in the food that should not have been in there. :|

She said that she'll be back next year for her cousins wedding. Hopefully magkita kami ulit.

As you can all see, one of the reason Debbie and I became friends is that we are both camwhores. And we are proud of it.

Oh and hats off to her, ang gwapo ng asawa niya. I don't know how old he is but he's probably around our age. Mabait siya in fairness saka okay kausap.

By the way, Debbie is also a blogger like me. The bitch has a bigger following than I do because she blogs about beauty, make up, stuff like that, whereas I blog about, you know, my life, my friends, my love life, basically boring stuff :D

So if you wanna visit her blog, visit As Pink As My Juicy.

It was great seeing you Deb. Hopefully magkita tayo pagbalik mo next year :)


Iyah said...

Heyyyyy!! OMG so happy I finally got to see u for the longest years ever!! Thank u for the sweet post!! you should have exposed Dad's! hahah! Oh well we got to eat for free :) I miss u!! you are so much fun to be with :)

Adam said...

I was tempted to post about what happened at Dad's but I remember what your father-in-law said. It was an incident that can happen to anyone. Just our luck that it happened to us. but yeah, free food at ang dami natin nun no. Plus we still ate after so we'll call it quits :D