Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top 10 Pet Peeves

1. People who stand and chat in the middle of the road, mall, office, etc. Gumilid kayong mga leche kayo or wag kayong magreklamo pag may bumunggo sa inyo.

2. People who wear those checkered/plaid scarves. I don't know why but it bugs the hell out of me. Thank God none of my friends use those.

3. Homophobes. Need I say more?

4. I hate religious nutjobs. Seriously, if the only thing that comes out of your mouth is "The bible said..." or "According to the word of the lord...", please feel free to steer clear of me because you would find every word I say offensive.

5. Feeling close. 10 minutes palang tayo magkakilala teh, makapalo ka ah. Sapatusin ko kaya ulo mo?!

6. I hate people who talk in english using this annoying conio accent.Wag kayong trying hard. That maarte english accent is vehemently annoying and you seriously don't need to enunciate everything you say.

7. People who take forever when using an ATM machine. First time niyo?

8. I hate jejemons. Really really hate them. Pag may nagtxt sa akin ng "Eoow pohwzz" or anythig jeje-ish, wagas na mura ang reply na marereceive mula sa akin.

9. When I buy stuff, I hate it when cashiers would ask me if I wanna buy a lighter, a sandwich, a drink, or one of their new products. Kung gusto ko niyan sana kumuha na ako habang namimil so stop asking me. Nyeta.

10. Mga saleslady/salesman na sunod ng sunod sa akin pag nasa loob ng department store. Mukha ba akong shoplifter?!


Mr. Hush Hush said...

hmmm.. on item 9, I used to retort back, but when I befriended the 711 staff, they made me realize that it's part of their job, that a mystery shopper often visits their place and take metrics. One of these is offering the customers products that are slow moving. If they don't do that and get caught by the shopper, they get a day's suspension.

Lupet noh?? Understand them nalang Anton. ^_^

RE said...

7. People who take forever when using an ATM machine. First time niyo?

- I can relate.

kenneth said...

f*ck! akala ko ako lang ang galit sa mga mababagal sa atm! ahahahaha!

and item 1... super pet peeve!

ilovestevenash said...

Hahaha... Winner to teh! :) I super miss you.