Friday, September 9, 2011

Blogger For iPhone

Finally! My prayers have been answered! An official iPhone app has been released!

Google has finally released an app for the iPhone and iTouch. This will be very beneficial for me in case I have  something I wanna blog immediately.

This will also be useful for bloggers who spend more time on their phone than on their computer. Get Globe's unli-surf na para sulit.

The app is quite simple.

Above is a screenshot of it and as you can see, the main screen shows your blog posts both published and unpublished.

There are 3 buttons at the bottom, the left one is for writing a new post, the second is to view your blog and the  one on the right is for the settings.

One thing I'm trying to figure out though is how to check for new comments.

Oh and you can upload pictures directly from your iPhone to your blog post. How cool is that?!

I'll be posting a full review once I've played around with the app. =)

To know more about the app and to download it, click here to take you to iTunes.

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