Saturday, November 22, 2008

My new toy...

So I decided to buy a Slide-Up phone. For the longest time, I've had the weirdest obsession with a slide phone. So yesterday, I went around Baguio City looking for a nice slide up phone. At first I wanted the N80 but I realized its to bulky and my P1i already has wifi so I dont really need it. So I found this shop that sold the Nokia 6288. At first they we're selling it for 4500PHP which was a little expensive for a second-hand phone. So I decided to pass. The whole afternoon, I went around looking and dammit, the 4500php was already the cheapest I could find. I was lucky because I just received my final pay from PeopleSupport so I had money to spare. Last night I could not sleep. All I kept thinking about was the phone. It wouldn't leave my head. And thats when I knew that I really wanted that phone. SO when I got up this morning, I went to the shop after my Photography Class and I tried to haggle with them. At first they didnt budge but after a while I was able to get them to lower it down from 4500PhP to 3700PhP. Whats great is, the 6288 looks exactly like the 6280 but the 6288 is much newer model and has a better features and firmware compared to the 6280. So I guess I was lucky on that. And I've been using the phone the whole day, so far no problems. And here it is.

Im gonna have this for a while then Im gonna dispose it in the future. Like I do with all of my phones.


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