Friday, October 31, 2008

A story about my old job...This would be the last...

I've been meaning to write about this before but because I was enjoying my vacation, it completely blew out of my mind. So I was speaking with my friend Noel, he was the guy who hired me before, then I was explaining to him why I resigned. Yes, its been over a month since I resigned and its only now that I told him why. It got me thinking, and I remembered this thing that I wanted to blog about. The day I got hired at work. See im working backwards, I started with how and why I resigned. Check my entry on blurbs about my old job.

So when I applied in PeopleSupport, it was kinnda on short notice. Lucky for me, I always have a copy somewhere of my picture and resume. So I woke up one day summer of 2008, and I thought, "Why dont I go and apply at a call center for fun?". So I got up, took my bath, got dressed, and then left my dorm. I actually missed all of my classes that day. So when I got there, I gave the guard my resume and waited to be called. Apparently, this is done by batches so I was with the morning batch. There were around 50 something of us. So we filled out our application forms, I applied for full-time. Then we we're off to our initial interview. After the interview, we were dismissed for lunch. By the time we got back, we we're gona take our online exams. By the time we were taking the exams, I noticed that from 50 something, there were only 33 of us. After the online exam, we waited for about 3 hours for the result. And then from 33, we we're boiled down to 7. So the next day was our final interview. Out of the 7 of us I was the only one hired. Lucky me huh.

When Noel hired me, he hired me for part-time first. So i guess that was ok. I only had 4 days of work for the whole time since it was only part-time. So on my fourth day, my friend already signed his contract for full-time yet I have not. So during my break, I went to the HR's office and looked for Noel. I practically nagged him to hire me. He said he was having doubts since I was a student. Then I said, "if being hired means I have to stop school for a while then I'l do it". So he thought about it and told me that I'll be receiving a text message regarding the schedule of my contract signing. I was so happy. Two hours after that, I checked my phone and there it was. A message saying that I was to sign my contract that at 9pm that day.

So at 9pm I was back at the office, then Noel came in with these folders that had our names on it. So he briefed us of what's gonna happen and what our job will be. Then he said, "You guys that Im gonna hire, don't resign just like that." then he looked at me. Somehow he still wasn't sure if I was gonna stay long.

Well, glad to say, I lasted 6 months. And in the call center industry, 6 months is already a long time. Well, enough about my old job, time to move on. Im gonna go back to school. Back to reality everyone.

Cheers. ^^

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