Sunday, October 19, 2008

Being BIG is not a crime

I was channel surfing last night when I stopped at a channel called VELVET because I saw a familiar face on the screen. To those who followed this show I know that you know who this person is. Carrie Bradshaw. Apparently there was a Sex & the City Marathon last night from 1 AM to 3:30 AM. So back to my point, the episode was about people called Modelizers. So I watched the whole episode... you know for fun... then I continued channel surfing. The thing I noticed was that 30% of the shows were Fashion Shows or Reality Shows with girls who are so thin that they look like bamboo and guys who look like they spend 16 hours in the gym and 8 hours taking their beauty rests.

Then it donned on me, our society worships or looks up to people who look like they have Anorexia or something. Now don't get me wrong, Im not being spiteful but did we ever stop to consider the fact that all of us dont look like that. I mean can't Big be beautiful too? Is it a crime weighing more than 150 lbs or having a waistline over 30? I mean, are we so insecure about our looks that we care more about what people think than what we think of ourselves? Quoting a character named Dianne from Will and Grace: " Whenever we have a party at Vogue, we all fight about who gets the last piece of Tic Tac."

I admit that Im the Big type of person being 188 lbs and size 34 pants. But do I care if everyone else around me wears skinny jeans? NO! Because first, those pants are so tight that theres no room for anything and second its hard to walk with them. Im not the type who goes to a restaurant and only orders a salad. If I'm hungry, I eat. I can eat a Big Mac and still want a sundae. My point is, why should we deprive ourselves of food? Why should we be like everyone else? We can be ourselves and still stand out. Im just glad because now the are brand labels like BIG MEN. Clothes for Big People.

Being BIG is not a crime. Anyone could have the extra baggage and still look great. Take me for example. Haha just kidding.


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Pilgrim said...

mofo, sup, i'm in alabama and just wanted to say comosta ka. reading your blog:)