Monday, October 20, 2008

Confessions of a Coffee Addict

"Easy does it... Let go and let God... One day at a time..."
-Alcoholics Anonymous Mantras

Hello my name is Anton and I am a coffee addict. It all started when I was in 3rd college. I took a sip of that searing hot latte mixed with 1 shot of skim milk and 2 packs of sugar and I got hooked onto it. You would normally see me at Starbucks in SM Baguio or at Oh My Gulay(Vegetable) or Pizza Volante. Recently though I discovered the Cafe by the Ruins. I guess that'll be my new hang-out. But yes, its true. I am addicted to coffee. I could finish 2 venti caramel macchiato's in one sitting. I could drink 5 cups of coffee and still crave for more. To me coffee isn't something that I would to keep me up, its something that I would drink in substitute for water. Believe me, caffeine has absolutely no effect on me. For what its worth I even drink coffee to fall asleep. Its not a crime to indulge from time to time. Not a day goes by that I dont drink a cup of coffee. Its only now that I've been slowly kicking the habit. That's because of two thing. First, its so blasted hot that drinking a hot cup of coffee is just plain stupid. Second, there are no Starbucks franchises here so that saves me a lot of money. I remember when I would pass by starbucks and order a Venti Cafe Americano or venti Espresso, (anything venti) every night before going to work. Lets not forget the sandwich or bagel I would order for dinner. My officemates would wonder whenever I come to work without a cup of coffee in one hand and a bagel or sandwich on the other. Well, time to kick the habbit. No coffee. Goodbye coffee. Hello pineorange juice from 7/11.

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